Saturday, December 20, 2008


Shockout is a Tigerbeat6 sublabel focused on crossbreeding dance and electronic music with raw, influential elements of ragga, jungle, dub and soundsystem culture. Inspired by the leftfield dancehall of Ward 21, Vybez Kartel, Lenky, Remarc, Congo Natty and Bad Company's best releases, the excitement of DJ Rupture's early ragga/IDM/breakcore mashups, and Razor X. Shockout specializes in strictly original music and exclusive vocals, hot, vital electronic producers and maverick MCs.

SHOCK01 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK02 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK03 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK04 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK05 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK06 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK07 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK08 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK09 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK10 - Ifolder pt.1 | Ifolder pt.2 | Filefactory
SHOCK11 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK12 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK13 - Ifolder| Filefactory
SHOCK14 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK15 - Ifolder | Filefactory
SHOCK16 - Ifolder | Filefactory


Anonymous said...

these seem to be dead, on filefactory at least...

Anonymous said...

"Server Error"

Looks like filefactory is down at the moment. Hope it starts working in few hours. All files was uplpoaded today, so its impossible that links become dead already. Let's wait

Anonymous said...

gah sorry 'bout that... i'm a bit too eager i guess

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

All links are workin' already )

>happy holidays!
Thanks. Have a good holidays too )

AMP said...

Many many many many thanks again! Best wishes to youse in the new year!

Lowdjo said...

Thanx! missed out on the sonar calibrado release (n°19), any chance you guys can upload this?