Monday, July 02, 2007

Soundmurderer and SK 1 - Rewind Records volume 1 (2003)

Soundmurderer and SK 1 - Rewind Records volume 1

Label: Rewind Records
Catalog#: REW001CD

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2003

Notes: All tracks previously released on Rewind (Detroit), except tracks 9 and 10 released on the "Rewind Records EP" on Rephlex Records [REW 001 EP].

Drum n Bass; Ragga Jungle

01 - Bad Sound (4:39)
02 - Lock it Off (6:28)
03 - Telembodanustyle (8:24)
04 - Call da Police (6:47)
05 - Soundboy (6:36)
06 - Soundclash (6:04)
07 - Dreader than Dread (6:14)
08 - Dreader than Dread (remix) (7:25)
09 - Stylee (5:31)
10 - Fathom (5:23)
11 - Badman (8:35)

D'n'B Jungle from Soundboy n SK-1 - yum


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    XMP said...

    Love yr bl0g. lots of dirty little surprises hiding in here... I take it you've heard the amazing Soundmurderer/Earl 16 Breezeblock show??? Fiya bun.

    linking you up to my spot @

    Anonymous said...

    this is great..been looking for this on cd for a long time now..yo're my hero turk..thanx a lot.

    Turk said...

    Nice 1 xmp - I'll try & hook that to the player - and sw33t for the link up, I'll do that now.

    Cheers anon :)

    btw If EVER a post goes down I'll re-up it myself (not sure if its true but I think using others posts helps to keep them alive, which is why our shares don't have passw0rds, so others can use them.

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    Anonymous said...

    would you be able to up it to megupload or similar, please? Great Blog!

    AMP said...

    love eet!!!! thank you!!!!!!!