Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rude Ass Tinker - Imperial Break

Label: Deathchant
Catalog#: Deathchant 30
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Country: UK
Released: 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore, Techno, Breakcore, Experimental
Bitate: 192 kb/s

A - Imperial Break (6:03)
B - Silk Ties (4:54)

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  • Very rare stuff. I've been lookin' for it for 2 years i guess ))


    Turk said...

    Again you deliver the quality :)

    i have more Mparadinas/Rude Ass Tinker if you want (i may have had this ... :D already ?? but it will (yep i had it :) ) be at least downloaded 4 years old and like most stuff low in quality - 128kbps :(

    So, once again, nice one!!

    BTW that follow up email... its cominmg :) i got my new computer and been kinda distracted :) i can play PC & Mac games now & it always takes at least a week or 2 to set up my machines how i like them :) + being intel and not a PPC Mac theres alot of intel versions of apps i uae to get again...

    Anyway things are getting sorted, see the 'new' Aural-Virus musioc channel, i've got LOTS to add but need more ( ;P )

    If you have any videos, maybe you could pop them up on the channel?
    i'll send you a list of Music Documentarys, GIGs etc DVDs & Videos i have.

    I'll be adding alomost everything I have so there will be Reggae, Punk, Funk, Jazz, D'n'B, Jungle, Raggacore, Breakcore, IDM, Blues, 60s stuff & LoFi Rock (or whatever its called) all sorts basically though most i have is like what we share here...

    k this is long enough, i'm gonna pop a video up with the link to the 'Aural-Virus Music Channel' :))

    L8rs bro


    Anonymous said...

    Fuck yez! I want some more Rude Ass Tinker, but it's so hard to find. If you up it i will be happy like a..... Like aaaammmmm... Well, i haven't decided like what yet.

    BTW i've got your e-mail. I need a time to make all words you wrote there clear for myself ))))