Sunday, July 22, 2007

Milanese - Braggin' (Unreleased) (2001)

Milanese - Braggin' (Unreleased)

This is 'on' the file... ARC08 (?)

An unreleased gem from 2001, originally destined for Warp's Arcola imprint.

WHY?!? this hasn't just been added to a 12" or released I don'y know, probably some money orientated bullsh1t.


  • Theres more Milanese but it can wait until tomorrow (some 12's, 1 being Milanese vs. Virus Syndicate - Dead Man Walking which is WELL worth popping back for...& a 1 more full length CD I think, also 'coming up', About 14 Neil Landstrumms (4 full length CDs, rest 12s from 1995 to 2005)
    LOTS! of Otto Von Schirach's including the requested Pukeology 2 x 7" vinyl (its tagged, all covers included and ready to go) AND is deffinately NOW the current 'gross'/sick :) album winner since Passenger of Shit - No 7 (see archives) but only temporarily... I've got a real sick pile of arse ... well I haven't this dcd is sick.. oh f*k off u know what I mean :)

    k pi$$ off, I am knackered....


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    Leg it over to Deadken's if your in need of more Dubstep, cos I've got a breakcore coming on.... :) (after I've posted the 200+ Dubstep vinyls I've just got... oh sh1t!!) or XMP's - Its Coming Out of Your Speaker, sh1ts good there too :)


    P M X said...

    Thanks for the props, Turk! I've got one lone Otto Von S. record up on itscomingoutofyourspeaker, but it's a pretty good one... The cover art is excpetional. Cheers!

    Anonymous said...

    honestly you have one of the best blogs on the web, I don't see many blogs posting this great shit. Dubstep, where the hell is that dubstep? :) Love it

    Thundard said...


    AMP said...

    u'v gottin me addicted to dis tings from the man called Milanese! thanks for all of the amazing postings. i never would've known. pure niceness!!!