Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hexstatic - Distorted Minds & A-Vs video's hosting?

  • Aural-Virus Temp Video store (very tempt now I've seen the cock up of the screen its made

  • Due to the selected Video Hosting site changing policy (basically you HAVE to download ANYTHING above 3 minutes long to view it!!

    I chose File Front - not perfect (amend - total crap, but maybe ok for hosting music only that you may not want to download (but could) rather listen to whilst at the site or a track or 2 from an album I wouldn't normally post)
    Anyway I can't customise the page as though it we're a kind of Aural-Virus music video TV channel but I'll go with this n check back to the original idea when they see how many people have dropped off since the change (1000s if not 100s of thousands as it was VERY popular but the usual is bound to happen, build up a load of hype then sell it and most will just move on... (btw its VEOH)


    click the link below to down the video, I'll add more then put a real link up


  • http://aural-virus.blogspot.com/
  • Aural-Virus http://aural-virus.blogspot.com

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    Anonymous said...

    I just want to say what a Top Blog you have here, i like all the dubstep albums, thanks for that! keep it going !

    Turk said...

    Cheers :)

    Ego aside it is nice to get feedback, no need for EVERYONE to say thanks.
    Out of the 4 people who visit, it would be a bit too much.
    Having said that actual opinions or info on a release is VERY much welcome (wanted).
    As much as likes & dislikes, they help a lot, so as to know what to 'fine tune' our shares toward just don't expect Ministry of Sound compilations EVER unless you check the archives's very 1st share or better still a 'corrected' duplicate a few days later from Australia's Spasticated Records "Ministry of Shit : 2003 Anus" - a must have !! "Now that's what I call Music Vol ALL" :) Which I'd like to see as the sequel, though I was told such may never happen although 'Toecutter' is/was up for it his 'compadre' wasn't (whom emailed me after I praised the album and pleaded for a 2nd :)


    RE : THIS
    Distorted Minds (i forgot until it xcame on my iPod on shuffle play in the car, "blah blah blah", is on Hexstatics - Master View album (after I wrote a piece elsewhere regarding their new album being too 'funky synth' for what I was expecting (as I had hoped for a development on this style of sound, though a lot changes in musical influences in well over 2 years be it listener or creator.

    So with that said Hex have basically broken any mould expectations of previous releases/projects as sampled up beat sound 'team' (theres a genre for it I bet and do I care that I don't know it? Do I fark.
    As Coldcut also in their last release (here in the archives re:request if down btw)

    So.. yeah... n stuff.