Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Various - Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats

Label: Essay Recordings
Catalog#: AY CD 03
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Latin, Ghetto

01 Unknown Artist Intro
02 Furação 2000 Mengão 2000 Pt. 1
03 Jack E Chocolate Pavaroty
04 Os Tchutchucos Chapa Quente
05 Ricardo e Esquisito Mulher Coca Cola
06 MC Mascote Bate La Palme De Mao
07 Paty Cavalo de Pau
08 De Falla Popozuda Rock'n'Roll
09 Dennis DJ Jonathan II
10 O Corrascos Piqué Ta
11 MC Serghino Pocotocopo
12 MC Naldinho & MC Beth Tapinha
13 SD Boys Planeta Dominado
14 Dennis DJ Cerol Na Mao
15 MC Galo Toma Juizo
16 Dennis DJ + MC Cabo Tire A Camisa
17 Bonde Do Tigrão O Baile Todo
18 Cidinho & Doca Cidade de Deus
19 Waguinho Academia de Furação I


  • Music that makes me smile ))) Very nice. Check out


    Turk said...

    Nice 1 Shmalfus

    theres an email for Aural-Virus ( I'll email you the login later.

    Plus i set up a Aural-Virus Music Video 'channel' and there will be an AuralVirus (no -) Movie blog/channel for films of all sorts just for the hell of it.

    All details to follow.

    To anyone thinking 'i wonder if i can get p0rn?' no you cant, so p155 off :))

    All Shmalfus i have some index links for you, i'll talk more about them but they have 1000's of tunes on them, i haven't been able tocollect all so maybe we can together? i'll send you all i have burnt to DVD's so you don't need to download so much, plus they will be tagged and in folders with cover art, tracklist etc because they appear on the web site as just a long list of songs that take quite alot of time sorting.

    k speak soon.

    btw i am on ICQ, MSN, AIM (and another i forget) so we can now chat live :))- will bve nice to hear from you bro.

    peace to you 'n' all AV visitors!!


    shmalfus said...

    Hi dude!!!! Very glad to see you here again ))))

    Please send me your ICQ number for adding you to my contact list. I've tried to add you by nickname but i got a long long list of users with nick "Turk". Just send it to my e-mail. You must know the adress if you recieved my email yesturday )))

    Will be happy to help you with links collecting. Waitin' for details.

    Peace bro ;)