Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Bug Vs Soundmurderer - 2003

The Bug Vs Soundmurderer

Live At Maida Vale

12th November 2003

Sorry I don't know the track listing, It is a John Peel session broadcast - if you know the tracklisting please post it in the comments.


Again its a click (listen) then save to hard drive.

  • The Bug Vs Soundmurderer - Live At Maida Vale (2003)

    Anonymous said...

    Nice blog.
    I fuckin´ love it. :)

    Turk said...

    Thanks man, if there's anything you are after, even if its a 'got anything thats realy ?????' - we'll have ago at filling it :)


    Ellaguru said...

    thanx for this set,it's very exciting!
    a little present that i picked up from idm
    amen andrews(luke vibert): jungle,breakbeat and psych.

    Ellaguru said...

    ...that's more correct... from idm livjournal

    Turk said...

    Cheers i do like Vibert's Amen Andrews stuff, you've given me an idea to do an artist related 'post' every month (when i get organised :), anyone own an 'organised'? i need 1....)

    cheers ellaguru


    BTW all repost requests HAVEN'T been forgotten, i'm lazy and disorganised... soon come

    Anonymous said...

    yo turk - not sure of a tracklist, but am digging it and here's some shots from the show ::

    be well


    Turk said...

    Sweet thanks!!!

    To all

    SORRY to all visitors, i've been REAL slack in posting and i cant expect Shmalfus to put in all the effort for something i've started, i have been doing much in the background but thats just words when you want to hear something, i've got lots of 'something' for you and also set up an 'Aural-Virus' "TV" station to hold the videos and concerts, artist interviews and any other things, this will be soon in action.

    Keep poping in and if you haven't already check the archives.

    Also there is an aural-virus email, the little spinning skull will be the clickable link but for now if you wish to contact A-V for a request send to

    Request anything you like, its possible if you visit here i have music you may want, reggae to punk etc.

    k i'll carry on learning how to get these video's and the odd film for you guys n gals too watch whilst grabbing the tunes in the near future.



    Anonymous said...

    I have just found you, excellent range of music. Is there any chance of re posting Big Bud 'Fear of Flying' which was posted on 7th August 2006?
    Thanks in advance S.

    Dean said...

    please come back!

    I miss you... and your amazing music...

    seriously dude... I've been trying to find music just this stuff forever...

    Turk said...

    Big Bud - Fear of Flying WILL be reposted and the new 'remix' or whatever its called :) - theres LOTS!!!!! to post and now lots of time to do it... so couple more days, make some hard drive space... sit back n enjoy some goodies.

    Also video's and some classic music frelated films from old skool Graffiti to Jamaican classic (Countryman, Rockers etc and full size concert stuff and over on the old AuralVirus site it will be pure movies, maybe ALL 'eye' stuff will be posted there, expect LOTS of Kung Fu films :) and animee from Ghost in the Shell to Hoods of Horrors (Snoop Dogs play on Masters of Horror (i think, i dunno, i'm not heavily into hip-hop unless its on Def Jux or Ninja Tunes/Big Dada.

    k nuff talk.

    doing says more...

    s33n ;P