Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blog needs a kik up the ass... so its happening.

Its been a whole month since the last non re-post! (I've been very busy trying to soundproof my flat for my "bedroom studio", its almost there (hooray i can make noise again!!! annnnnd...... --->

Also just had a great result, I've got a LOT of new stuff (muziq) in now so get ready, I got the time to spare to post... lets warm ourselves next to out over heating amps n burst some ear drums - tinatus rules ok? what?

Oh yeah 'other' new stuff occuring, as you know (you will in a minute) I love Live Sets of 'our' music & possibly more so i realy love Net Labels so at least for the Live Sets AV is adding a 'thing'.

Its a 'doodad' that is all over "real" web sites. You know those mp3 Player with selectable playlists.

So a 'Player' on the blog.
I will full length Live Sets of the best i've found (recommendations ALWAYS welcome)

You are not forced to listen to 1 only all the way through of course, this lets you chose the artist, forward through the Set or to the next artist etc and of course if you want the set i can post it rather than listing (as before) 100's no one wants.

When you log in a random set will be playing but you can switch it off .. i mean turn it up or find another, i'll add as many as humanely possible. (Theres no point in me loading the 'playlist' up with stuff posted cos its all good and you'll want to download it anyway (c'mon what music can you resist :) that has a 303 in it or the Amen break?!! or a chainsaw plugged (sonically) through a load of filters.

I will also add Net Label artists in between ('net' 12"'s, eps & selected tracks from albums. I'll make huge neon signs to say where you can get these for download, there are SO many great artists not being heard enough, they need you! ;)
IF possible I'll have 2 players running... see how it goes.

BTW it can have a 'skin' - Whats good? an iPod (black or white), a 'Boom Box or a Tape (or some mp3 player looking thing)?
i like the Tape (normal small 'walkman' tape, not reel 2 reel. BUT if it dosen't have the playlist i know the iPod has, so if its an iPod its for practicality not cos they are made by apple (i have 1 but the hype factor / fashion is sucky, but 60 gig of music wherever i go, now thats not sucky... i'd take 30 cdr's in the car and not want to hear 29 of them after selecting them 20 minutes before...

ok i'm shutting up - man i cant believe the "score" i've just made on fresh tunes - sw33t!!

Oh yeah as well as the Live Set player there will be video's added, they will be held on my space but you CAN copy them to hard drive. i'll post info. its a web site you add the url of the my space held video and it 'rips' it off the site, cool (much easier than running through html source n trying to snatch it out or recording the screen with a visual version of Audio HiJack.

k i'm feking off.

Things are looking up.

Take care all.


BTW I am nutted at the moment so this WILL be tangented and possibly hard to understand :) ok? great.


shmalfus said...

Haha! we love you too ;)

Turk said...

Hehe Hi man !!

must hook up some kind of way to chat easy - Aim or something? i tried sending a pigeon, i think a cat got it ..

oh yeah email :) i'll email (clever stuff technology..)

shmalfus said...

Maybe MSN. I think it's good enough

shmalfus said...

Ahm... I forgot. You're the MAC-USER ))))) Do you have MSN on your computer?

Turk said...
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Turk said...

I've just read the MAC version of MSN can chat with AIM (AOL) users, so you can probably chat to me anyway :)

my 'id' is (may need checking)


I'll double check :)

cool it could mean i dont have to have 3 chat apps installed :))

shmalfus said...

BTW. We also can use ICQ service. I'm sure it works with MAC. My ICQ number is 281645422. If you still don't have this program you can download this shit here -------><ype=dl_dlnow&lop=link&edId=3&siteId=4&oId=3040-2150_4-10535372&ontId=2150_4&dlrs=1&destUrl=

Turk said...

yep - i've been meaning to do set up an ICQ for 2 years :) but never got to it

i'm 1 lazy fuckah :)))

btw i rechecked my iChat/AIM and its working fine (now) :) i'll fire up the app later tonight (was up all night so i'm sleeping today :) - shit its 1.30pm already, i better sleep i guess...

then i'll set up ICQ, cheers for the link :)