Sunday, August 06, 2006

Broadcast - The Future Crayon (2006)

Artist: Broadcast
Title: The Future Crayon
Year: August 2006
Label: Warp
Genre: IDM
Bitrate: vbr 256 kb/s

01. Illumination
02. Still Feels Like Tears
03. Small Song IV
04. Where Youth And Laughter Go
05. One Hour Empire
06. Distant Call
07. Poem Of Dead Song
08. Hammer Without A Master
09. Locusts
10. Chord Simple
11. Daves Dream
12. DDL
13. Test Area
14. Unchanging Window/Chord Simple
15. A Man For Atlantis
16. Minus Two
17. Violent Playground
18. Belly Dance

Wait a few seconds and a blue DOWNLOAD 'button' will appear middle right.

(This was intended for later but 5 'intended' post have been pulled before going on the blog... do the math, theres no 'miserable' person getting files pulled, lists are given to share sites, if the file matches its pulled, anyone can 'open' a rar enough to find its content... maybe not play the files, i've tried without a password...)

So i LOVE Broadcast so heres their new 1, i'd rather have started the blog with breakcore, drum 'n' bass the into IDM, Glitch etc but sod it, it's as they come now... 1 thing i'll not upload crap (unless you hate Venetian Snares or Shitmat et el...)


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